Why Hurry?

Members of an ABS-CBN news team stop to check their digital devices before hitting the streets.

We wake up early, to go to work early, so that we can go home early and cook dinner early, to eat early and sleep early, so we can wake up again early and make more money.

Connie Digital Boy

The author’s son, Kendrick, plays games on his digital device.

We talk to our kids very briefly because there seems to be not enough time. We hang up the phone even before the telemarketer blurts his first word. Or, worse, we decide not to pick up the phone. Not enough time to know your neighbors beyond knowing the color of their car. No time is allotted to converse. There is not enough time to put your feet up and r.e.l.a.x.

Guess what? Before we know it, the kids are all grown, and we end up missing a big part of their lives because we have been in a hurry.

Time is the only thing that we cannot undo and memories do not happen overnight. That is why I make a conscious effort, not only to be physically present, but, also, to be emotionally, mentally available, and able.

Smartphones are so intelligent that they can virtually replace people in our lives if we allow it. When you care for someone, be cognizant of how we use technology; an application of science that is so within our reach. I, on so many occasions, have to stop myself from engaging too much with these dangerous toys especially when I am at home. These gadgets can, also, disable you instead of enabling and educating you. It is a double-edge sword.

Connie Digital Car

Morning coffee starts the day for Connie Macatula DeLeon.

So as we enter the week of the Lenten season, let me encourage you to give up something that disables you. Give up that one thing that discourages your loved ones from freely speaking with you, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart. Give up that one bad habit that separates you from the real world. When more people do this, people will talk more and text less, laugh more together than exchange a bunch of LOLs.

Then, maybe, we can sit and taste our coffee without burning our tongues becuase we are there, in the moment, for the moment. ☀