Social Media Rekindles a Teenage Pastime

The author's Pinterest page.

My girlfriends and I have whole-heartedly jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. Where else can you dream up a fantasy walk-in closet filled with Manolos, or the most adorable Prada-clad, French-speaking imaginary five-year-old daughter?

For me, it all began with my obsessions with magazines. I collected Seventeen at the tender age of 14 until—believe it or not—I was 21. I would pore over them for hours on end memorizing articles and analyzing the latest fashion trends. You can always find me on my bedroom floor, carefully cutting out headlines of articles to, then, paste them into my photo albums.

In college, I turned to W, Blueprint, Domnino and ReadyMade. Although, at this stage, I was more practical (er, OCD), tearing out sheets and dropping them into plastic sleeves in a three-ring binder. By the way, I found one, this past weekend, cleaning out my closet!

Five months ago, enter Pinterest. I admit it. I spent a solid two hours pinning the very first time I got the hang of it. It’s really all about the beautiful photography that gets you and draws you in.

DVF wrap dress? Repin. Handmade chevron pillows from Etsy? Repin. Tufted velvet headboard DYI. Repin. Petite caprese salad shish kabobs? Repin. Celine Boston purse? Heck ya, repin.

I must say Pinterest got it right for my demographic. After creating a dozen “virtual” boards, I get the same inspirational feelings and excitement as I did as sixteen-year old trying to sketch an apron skirt from a Vogue spread so that my mom could get it made in the Philippines.

Yes, Pinterest is quite the product-pusher. But, in the end, it strives to trigger our inner creative juices and I’m all for that. The trick is carving the time to try that project or recipe. If it’s important to you, I’m sure you will find that extra hour in your day and may even surprise yourself. Happy pinning!

New to Pinterest? Here’s a quick tutorial. ♥