An Unexpected Renewal of Friendship

(L to R) Mariliz Policarpio, MD; the author; Gilda Bautista Lee; and Victoria Minick at the Hudson Hotel.

When I returned to New York City, after a long disappearance, I reached out to some girlfriends whom I had not seen for over a decade. Prior to my arrival, I created a Facebook invitation for a get-together at the Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street and waited to see who would actually show up. It was a cold night in Manhattan, so I wasn’t expecting many people to brave the cold.

Imagine my delight and surprise when about a dozen of my long-lost friends arrived. We all looked a few years older but our faces remained the same. Best of all, we were happy to see one another. They brought people for me to meet — siblings, significant others, new friends. The last time I saw these women we were all single and in our teens or twenties. Now we were journalists, doctors, dentists, Moms.

That evening I realized the power of friendships from one’s youth, when dreams were fresh and possibilities seemed endless. These women and I had not been particularly close when we first met each other. Our friendship had been forged, then, by a superficial encounter — being selected to appear on a calendar. However, I learned that such experiences, when positive enough, make lasting impressions in one’s life. And the people who go through those positive experiences with you remain a part of your life forever.

There we were… happy to see one another, and happy for each other’s success. These days, time has geographically scattered us. But whenever we can, we try and meet. Usually, it’s over dinner, and we catch up on everything new in our lives. ♥