Our Perfect Lives on Social Media

I posted a photo of my coffee mug, with the Jaguar emblem in the background; emblem slightly blurred, on purpose. I posted my newly manicured nails with my Rolex part in the photo as if it was not intentional. And then there are our kids’ trophies, awards, medals and every inch of accomplishment, conceivable and perceivable. We post photos with celebrities, high-profile personalities, posing together as if you are more than acquaintances and not merely a fan.

The author mimicking social media users who flaunts their material possessions.

The author, mimicking people who flaunt their material possessions on social media.

I hardly see any posts that sway on the other side of the pendulum —- posts or tweets that make you look stupid, poor, unintellectual, or even selfish. I have yet to see posts about real-time divorce battles, financial struggles, health challenges, or even job loss. Weddings that didn’t push through, bankruptcy, estafa cases — these do not frequent the feed. But why?

What picture are we trying to portray? I blame the global culture that slowly creeped into us and wired us differently. Since when did anything less than rich beautiful or career pretty become taboo, too awkward to talk about on the social media floor?

The author posing with a celebrity as if they're closer in real life.

The author posing with a celebrity as if they’re closer in real life.

They’re all lies. Lie after each lie. Too often that it disturbs me, I get the real story behind the curtains — in private messages and in face-to-face conversations. And while this is not rocket science, we still fall in the trap of watching and scrolling and laughing silently, all at the same time; not necessarily in that order.

If someone is strapped for cash or if someone’s kid is mentally slow or physically deficient, if she has bipolar tendencies, if someone was sexually assaulted —- you bet, these will never end up on their walls. Why should they? Posting something ugly about yourself is to low life as high heels and red lipstick and wine and Benz are to richness and happiness. I refuse to announce stuff that humiliate or embarass my high-on-a-pedestal reputable self.

We have an auto filter that deciphers the acceptable news associated with ourselves. We fear to be judged negatively because maybe, we are the same way — we judge easily, based on what is presented in front of us through the fake stage I call, social media. We hide behind the mobile, tablet or desktop screens hoping we can not only convince others into painting a perfect picture of us, but fooling ourselves that we are okay, even if we have died, a long time ago.

I would like to break that wall. One post at a time. Are you who you say you are or are you hiding behind your posts?

It’s time to break free. It is okay to be imperfect. It is ok to be sad and lazy, once in a while. It is okay to falter, as long as you own up to it, pick up the pieces, move on & stop pretending. ☀️