A Forum For Empowered Women

Each year, at their annual Circle of Empowered Women gala, the Illinois chapter of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), recognizes nearly two-dozen women from the Chicago community for their personal and career achievements.

As a prelude to the evening gala, the chapter hosts an afternoon forum where serious topics of concern, affecting the Asian American community, are addressed by a panel of speakers. This year, the panel discussion, titled “INSPIRING CHANGE: Care of the Youth and the Elderly,” touches on issues relevant to a broad range of age groups. In an exclusive interview, Abbey Eusebio, Vice Chair of the NaFFAA Illinois chapter, reveals details of the forum, and explains the relevance of the discussion topics.

Later that evening, after a greeting from NaFFAA Illinois Chair Cynthia Flores, the 22 honorees for the 2014 Circle of Empowered Women received a plaque of recognition from Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White. They include Desiree Echavez Alfon, Anita Banerji, Ester Brackshaw, Marianne Cabrera, Alissa Catiis, Karen Chavers, Nida Blankas-Hernaez, Lily Kim, Veronica Bacatan Leighton, Ann Limjoco, Fructosa Lising, Cindy Lopez, Amelia Aguilar Mayuga, MD, Vernie Velarde Morales, Marilyn Palazzo, Marilyn Falkis Ruiz, Cecilia Paz Salbilla, Stella Marie Santos, Agusta Diez Sierra, Mary Lou Tworkowski, Susan Suntay, MD, and Michelle Lura White. ❒