The Tales of Three Marias

A woman, alone, frightened of her past, present, and what will become of her future.

Another woman suffering the effects of being away from her family, looking after another family, hoping her daughter understands that all the hard work is for her.

A third woman, naive, excited and looking for love in a whole new environment, but having to experience the good and bad of  living and working in a new city.

Sound like anyone you know?

I’m sure many women have gone through the same experiences.  These women exist and they’ve shared their stories with other women who have left the Philippines to find a better life, well-being, work, financial stability and love.  These women are domestic helpers in Singapore.

If you want to hear their stories, three Filipino artists from Chicago — Evelyn Masbaum, Jovie Calma, and Ginger Nepomuceno, will be performing a three-part monologue in The Tales of Three Marias, written and directed by international Filipino actor, Jay Españo.

I had met Jay during rehearsals for the musical, Rizal’s Sweet Stranger and then had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him here in Chicago in Alamat: The Legends of Islands Philippines.  One year later, here I am, in yet another theater production.

Although I won’t be on stage for this one, I’ll be working closely with the director, stage manager, and actors, to help to promote the show.  I hope you all will support the arts, especially your fellow Filipina artists. ♥

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